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Teen from south-east Kent - that has, some might say, a weird obsession with men's fragrances - just pouring her heart out of a page. You can hate me, a lot of people probably do, but I care not for I still have freedom of speech.


It’s so scary to think that in 3 short months and a day I will be 18 years of age. An adult with her own rights. The right to purchase alcohol, cigarettes, get a tattoo, go out clubbing. And no one can stop me. The perks of being an adult. Independence. My parents think I am turning out to be a clean cut, well rounded member of society, but doesn’t all parents wish that for their children? Of course they do. Clean cut isn’t me. Clean cut will never be me. I’m pretty grungey. But I like that. 

I just wanted to share my thoughts for the day, as I haven’t posted in so long!


I do apologise for my dwindling amount of blog entries. I have been super busy with work at school, I was at school yesterday til 7:30 in the end, and I tried to stay an extra half an hour but care taker made me leave. Sad face. But I am on track for a distinction star grade. That’s always good news. Today I printed my design of ‘The Batman Rises’ film poster in Olly Moss’ style onto a peice of assitate. Worked a treat!

Last night, my dad, stepmother and I attended the first Mini Club meeting in 9 years, and we are running it for Kent. Mini’s were my childhood! Every weekend til I was about 5 I attended a meeting monthly and every weekend there was an event on! So yeah, a huge part of my childhood. So first meeting was underway, a lot of old faces, and a lot of new ones, people were asking after my mother, she didn’t come as she was away, although she should have, she was a member for years before I was born too. I was conceived as a Mini Clubber.

Passed my theory test, as you well know, but I’m waiting for my driving instructor to come home from his holiday to book my driving test. But, it’s not all bad, I have found a car. Not just a car! A Mini Mayfair, no, it’s not a small cigarette, it is a car. A Mini Mayfair, 1987, white, 1000cc, done just under 52,000 miles and is only in Gravesend! Score! All for £650 quid, which is a bargian, it has a little rust, but my father can fix that, he used to be a micanic so its okay!

So stoked on this week! STAY TUNED!


Jealousy. One of the seven deadly sins they say - whoever ‘they’ are. I sometimes think about envy. I think about how horrible it would be to be green eyed over someone or something. But I’ve come to the realisation that I am jealous person. Not over people I know necessary. Well, I am of people I know, but not because they’re them, I’m me for a reason, and they are them for a reason. But a type of person in particular, people that have found a comfort in a faith, in a religion. I was born with an atheist father and an agnostic mother. Both my brother and I were Christened. But that was my grandparent’s influence. And I will Christen my children, out of hope that they is a higher being, someone far greater than us. 

God never found me, or I never found god. Either way, it never happened. I went to a Christian primary school, again, my grandparent’s. Even spending 3 years worth of Sundays at Sunday schools to get into the school, singing all those hymns and preying before school meals and before assembly, still no luck. I wish I had this comfort that so many people that I know have. My best friend, ABA ( for example, is religious, she is a Christian and attends a pentecostal church most week nights as she is a youth leader and also attends the services on Sundays. She is so privileged to have a faith, so lucky. All her other best friends are religious. Small confession, I have tried to prey recently, for things to get better for various people, and a few for myself (as selfish as that may seem) but if your preying for someone else, you may as well prey for yourself to see if preying has worked? I find it a hard concept to grasp, and my reasons a probably all wrong, but none of you can judge me. Please. 

Well, enough of me being a green eyed monster. I’m watching Don’t Tell The Bride, and I’m delighted to inform you that I am enjoying it! Much to my satisfaction I might watch this again next week!

Speak to y’all soon so stay tuned!


A horrible realisation hit me today. I squint in ANY weather. And I do mean any weather. It was raining at I had to close the chicken coop up (IMPORTANT-yes I own chickens, no I do not live on a farm) and I actually squinted through the rain, my eyes were actually almost fully closed. I squint in the rain, wind, sun, the dark. It’s crazy stupid squint. I’m a squintaholic if you will. Well, other than my squint issue (I do apologise for the repetitive work squint (and again) but I think it was needed!) I’ve had an alright day!

Was late for school this morning cause there was an accident on the Alkham Valley road, inconsiderate people, don’t you know it’s a Monday morning?! Idiots. Walked into lesson, sir didn’t notice me walk in 10 minutes late (score!) but noticed the person after me come in less than a minute later. (again, SCORE!) He told us that we need to give our summer assignment in, apart from me and another girl who has only just got onto the course. I started it four weeks ago (along with everyone else) but I couldn’t access it as I am the year above the rest of my class, so have only had four weeks to complete it, where as all the others has six weeks in the summer, and our four weeks probation period. So he said I can have another couple of weeks, but I wanted to show him I can stick to harsh and strict deadlines, so I completed it and handed it in before the deadline, which was today. I did all of the second task, which is recreating a one a poster of your choice, about 2 weeks ago and completed it in two days, but it did take the whole 48 hours to finish it. But I’m pleased with it. I did task one, aka the boring task (research) at the weekend. I then realised THIS morning that there was another task to do, so I looked over the first task and chose a poster to re-make but in my own style, I chose Toms Hank’s Forrest Gump. So I found a picture of a shrimp when I got into my lesson and start pen tooling around it, filling it in with colour as I went along. I completed it before 3:20pm today! He let me look though the rest of the class’ work and they are in no way shape or form trying as hard as I am in this course. He said I have advanced more in the short few weeks I’ve been on the course than the whole of the year above (which quite a few of my friends are in, awkwaaaard) did in a year. I’m more advanced than anyone in my class and should be proud at any of the work I produce. I almost kissed him on the mouth I was so pleased! (although I wouldn’t have done because that’s weird and creepy, I was just happy!) 

I’m not sure if I have ever been so proud of my baby brother. He’s not a baby, he is in fact 15 years of age. After years of trying to alter his music taste, 3 years ago I got him into MY Chemical Romance, the year after Slipknot, the year after that (last year) Papa Roach, and this year, SUM 41! He’s growing up! 

I made myself a promise, I will not blog, look on tumblr or paint my nails until my English assignment has been done, and that gave me enough motivation to complete it! Even if it is the worst homework I will ever give in, EVER. Oh well, off to paint my nails now, what colours to choose? I have 17 to choose from, although one of them is see-though, so 16 colours. And technically white and black are shades and not colours, so make that 14. 

Have a nice evening and stay tuned!


Good day fellow bloggers. I have some bad news for you all, I have been swallowed up by the musical genius that is Psy. Gangnam Style has niggled it’s way into my small brain, and has completely taken over my life. (The link for this glorious video is Oh, and by the way, I don’t like the song, it’s not about that, it’s all about the VIDEO. Some people go over the top and have it on their phones/ipods, this is cray-cray. But me, I just appreiciate the video to it, cracks me up! My brother, he’s 15, he rides the invisible horse around the house and just chants ‘Gangnam Style!’, Oh how I love him..

This weekend has been lazy, but busy at the same time. Got my hair dyed Saturday morning, I have low lights as well as highlights, my hair is so dark now. Normally I just get highlights. Not sure if I like it. Might go all brown next time instead and just deal with the terrible roots. Hmm, things to ponder. (little fact: I love that word, but I never use it. Note to self: try to use the word ‘ponder’ at least once a day.) Other than my hair, I’ve just been doing school work, 2 English assignments and my graphics summer assignment. Done most of graphics but haven’t even started the other two. Gah, I’ll live.

I don’t like loosing touch with people, recently me and quite a few of my friends we’re close for a while, and now I barely talk to them, this makes me sad. It might be to do with them being busy, me being busy, or not wanting to text cause I hate my phone so much. Could be any of these things. But I don’t like it none the less. 

Well, I urge you to Gangnam Style it up and click the link attached to this blog entry and I will bid thee fairwell for now. Enjoy it and stay tuned!


Today, for pretty much no reason, I have had a lovely day. Got up late, didn’t matter as I didn’t have a lesson, but I did need to get my CRB check done, so I got all the documents I needed, my passport, the last bank statement I received and my provisional licence, which, he later informed me when I was signing my contract, that I needed the paper licence that goes with it, SO, I have to make another trip to see him to give it to him, so he can then photocopy it, god, life’s difficult. I eventually got into school and got all my documents sorted, signed on the dotted line and kissed my soul goodbye.

After, I went straight to A1, my comfort zone, and got on with my graphics work, then I realised I had photography, and rapidly opened all my work up for that before EMA realised, he gets really angry when I combine my lessons, even though both subjects are in the same room and is taught by the same teacher, pure madness. Anyway, EMA has been so stressed recently, and everyone has been moaning about him being annoying and horrible to them, but, I’m very pleased to say that, I haven’t got the brunt of it or been effected by it. He asked me today to give him my portraiture folder so I can have a big print framed and put up on the wall (I am so happy, I’ve been waiting for this moment for over a year now) and I almost punched the air with happiness. He then proceeded to tell me that I’m one of the only few people that are, and I quote, “doesn’t want to make him punch someone at the moment”, which made me feel happy, it’s probably because I am quiet most of the time. 

I was also meant to have English literature today, which before the lesson started I openly said I wanted to kill myself rather than going to the lesson, but I logged off my Mac, gathered my belongings and trudged in the rain to my English lesson, and thank everything that is good, and holy, and awesome, SHE WAS ILL. I know that it’s not okay to wish someone was ill, but you know when you have one of those days when you just want to make everything fun and destroy everything that is not. Yeah. Well. That’s been my day. Well, she didn’t turn up so the class ALL went to the library and played ‘would you rather’ instead. What a boss lesson. Then got to leave early, which was lucky, because my driving instructor turned up half an hour early.

After my excellent driving lesson I got dropped off to my best friend’s ( house and just behaved like children. Her mother, her glorious mother, brought me present, to some of you this will be so lame, and will probably feel very sorry for me and might set up a charity in my name because I am so deprived, but I am now urging you not to. This woman brought me *pause for effect* WHITE BREAD. *gasp* I am not allowed white bread, some weird diet thing  my mother thinks is good for me. Let’s now fast forward to about 30 minutes ago (9:58pm), my mum had only just got in from work, I’m not going to get into my mum being a workaholic now because I’ll only get upset and rage, and she was upset so I told her about this magical bread and offered to make her some cheese on toast with it, and she said no. But she said put the bread on the side with the rest of it and everyone can have some of it tomorrow, me, truly offended snatched up the bread and told her that I offered it to be nice cause she has had a rough day and no one is actually allowed to eat MY bread. I was shouted at. But I did win, and no one is allowed to eat my bread. Praise the lord. 

I think I have bored you all enough now, so nuh-night and stay tuned,


Saturday was so lovely, driving lesson, town taking pictures, hanging out with some friends, and some new friends. Well, I’ve already uploaded a few pictures from Saturday and I’m glad to say most of them turned out alright! 

Some good news today, well, the school’s HR department macked up, big time! They got me, who applied and interviewed for the job, and my friend, who did not interview nor apply for the job, confused with each other. So she started her (MY) training for the job today and got paid for her (MY) time. 15 quid for two hours, tidy. But they told her that I’m the one that got the job (yay for me, just saying) and they are terribly sorry for the inconvenience! But she does already have a job at Sainsbury’s. So I don’t really feel sorry for her, she didn’t say to them that they may have got us mixed up, or say ‘I didn’t even apply for the job’, some friend she is. 

Oh well, all fixed now, and I will get £7.50 an hour, so I am truly not all that fussed.

May post some more pictures on later, if I can be bothered to that is!

Stay tuned,


You really should watch this, I laughed for a full hour at this! Super addictive, you’ll start humming, I promise you that!

Stay tuned,


I’m pretty ill today guys. Not been good at all. Right, I should probably tell you the story from the beginning. not sure that anyone knows the full story as of yet, but you will do after reading this, I generally like to keep this stuff to myself, but as it’s effecting me right now, I thought I’d do a little post. Right, okay..

I used to be a dancer. So like all dancers, my nutrition and diet was pretty bad in busy periods, for example when a show was coming up and had to rehearse and practice a lot I wouldn’t eat or drink enough before, during and after. And then when it got to such a bad stage, I was so run down, I would have fits. Quite a few in my dancing days, at least monthly. I did go to the Doctor, he hadn’t a clue what was wrong with me, Doctor Douchebag, but he tested my blood sugar levels, and they were so far below average they were almost hitting 0. So I got myself some Lucazade and some glucose tablets and was on my way again. But I couldn’t just get up off the floor and start dancing again, it used to take me a while to recover from a fit, either due to shock or due to how weak my body was, but I ended up quitting the art I was so desperately passionate for and the fits started to go away as I eat and drank better. I tried to go back to dance a few years after and found out that I had lost my pizazz! 

I don’t get fits very often any more, last year I had three, the year before, 5 fits, which might seem like a lot to you, but to me it was quite an achievement. Today was the first time in 2012 that I had a fit. Now my fits are due to how run down and ill I get, when I’m ill, my blood sugar levels drop, so I fit, so still similar to what was happening, but different triggers. Quite a few people have asked me why did I even bother quitting dance, well, I can only really explain it in computer terms: if your computer needs a system update, and you need to reboot it, after you need to go slow with it, not open up a lot of websites or programmes at once, open one or two yeah, but don’t over work it. So if I now link it with me, something in my body or brain needed to be adjusted, so my body resets itself and fits, and afterwards I can’t go do a 100m sprint, I have to go slowly, hold on to banisters or door handles when I walk, that type of thing. So if that helps you to understand, great, that’s just my little analogy of my health situation. 

I’m feeling a little apprihensive about going to school, but I haven’t told anyone that I had a fit, other than a few close friends, so my parents would see no reason for me not to go to school. Oh thee well. I like school anyway. Enough about serious stuff, let’s get happy.

I had an interview today, it went okay, and I really hope I get the job, the girl I was up against already has the receptionist job at the sports centre that’s intertwined with my school. So it’d be pretty ridiculous if she got it. I would be upset. Really upset cause the pay is so macking good. 

I had better try and get some more sleep, I went to bed at just before 8 today, and woke back up again at about 10 too 2. So 7ish hours of sleep. I run on that normally so it’s not strange to me, but I will need to go back to sleep, other wise i will flag tomorrow at around 4 and will have to get some sleep. So TTFN.

Stay tuned,


Currently stealing my bestfriend’s computer to write to you all. All two of you. I am ill this morning, really helpful as I have an interview at 2:30. Well done Meg, you so clever. I have taken 3 flu+ tablets and feeling rubbish still, but the bestfriend’s mother made me a coffee so life’s not all bad!

The past few days have been up and down, it’s made me realised who is important to me and makes me respect all the people that are still in my life, and know that there’s a reason others are not. My bestfriend, for example, makes me laugh to beyond the point of controlling my bladder. This morning I am at her house, keep in mind that I am ill. She got up YouTube and put on J-Lo feat. Pitbul - On the Floor. I proceed to say ‘My Mum loves genital Lopez’ took me a minuteto realise what I actually said, I meant JENNIFER. Jennifer Lopez. Then she realised you can shorten both genital and Jennifer, to ‘Genny’ or ‘Jenny’, both are pronounced the same but so it doesn’t rally matter how you spell it. HOW I LAUGHED! I love her.

As mentioned earlier, I have an interview today (EEEK! Wish me luck!) for the role of a recepionist at my school, pay is pretty good £7.48 an hour, sweeeeet, and they will fit the job around my lessons. Bonus. I am so nervous, but taking my mind off it drinking coffee with my bestfriend and watching a fat man with sunglasses on, singing to all the wonder YouTube users. Perf.

20 minutes until I am leaving for school, so thought I’d write to you all! Have an amazing day, and stay tuned.


'Hey four eyes! Nice rims!'

This, is the hello I get from now. I picked up my glasses from my optican’s Chris Adams today (I know everyone else goes to Specsavers, but I am not a sheep, rather a shepard!) I got into class, put them on, logged into a Mac, got started on my graphic design summer assignment poster recreation, as soon as my friend walked in and sat on the corner next me me, he exclaimed, ‘Nice face dude’, I promptly told him where to stick his snide comments, here’s a clue, the sun does not shine there. Ever. My friend, who’s just become a teacher at the school just stared at me until I realised why he was looking at me, and I insulted him, as usual actually, and carried on with my work. EMA (Elliot, my teacher) and Sam (aka SCA, my other teacher) both complimented me on my new glasses, it actually made EMA look for new glasses. It’s strange because he never wears his glasses, he always has contacts in instead! But he wears them so often that is pushes his eyes open so they look HUGE. And not a little bit, like he’s been Photoshop’d! Shocking. 

Well, my best friend told me today that she had a blog, so like a normal person, I stalked her blog. So here’s it is! ( I love her with all my heart, caring, funny, just a completely awesome person! On her blog she referred to me me as a ”very talented photographer and graphic designer, and is also extremely beautiful.” Bless her, she’s so cute! And I love her! Did I say that already? Oh. I am not sorry. Just a heads up.

Must get early tomorrow, just to go into school, you know, just for the fun of it, what a nerd. Oh well! At least I’m happy at school! 

Have sweet dreams, goodnight and stay tuned,


Today has been exciting! I had a graphic communications lesson first thing this morning, finished my task one off of my first brief, and then got on with my summer assignment! Need to do a tone of writing still, but got started on my recreation of a poster by an amazing graphic designer called Olly Moss. Look him up on google images. Awesome. I’m recreating a piece of his, it’s a Star Wars poster, with silhouette of 3CPO with a paiting inside of it, I love it, its a part of a set along side two other designs, one of Darth Vader and the other of R2D2. Try and find them if you can, just to give you a little snippet of what I’m dealing with! Today is literally the first time I have used Illustrator for anything other than text/fonts. I have learned how to pen tool around images, that has taken me all day! 

Well, tonight I have tried to relax, not looked at computer screen too much, or concentrate on too much. But, I clearly failed. Been on the computer and ringing TalkMobile to try and cancel my contract before my new IPhone 4s is ordered, trying to phone Morrisions, and then plucked my brothers eyebrows. I have the most painful headache, well, it’s actually a migraine now I think, I have ever endured. I should go and collect my glasses tomorrow, early tomorrow I will get up, get ready, and go and get them! I should get some sleep then. Apologies for this lame and short post, I did intend to write a lot more, but my head is still throbbing! 

Night all, stay tuned.